Vickitoria (mrbubblesandme) wrote in broken_glasses,

hello all.....

So i just got back from a book discussion, and the two books i'm about to talk about are Children's books, but they are very nice reads, and being black history month, it'd be one of those reading rainbow things, where you read a book, just for fun.

The first book is called "Grandma's Ashanti Cloth"  It's about a boy, Malik, finding out about his heritage, and the only thing he had of his ancestors from centuries ago was a cloth. And it goes on to say how it was actually a cloth from Ghana, and he found out how his ancestors once were there. It's a very well acclaimed book, and was put into the Smithsonian about a few years back.
The Second is "The Trip Back to Freedom"  where Nehemiah's class is studying black history month, so tey go to clean up a slave graveyard. Nehemiah ends up falling asleep and ending up back in the 18th or 19th century, and lives the life of a slave for a few days.

They're very interesting.

The Author is my best friend's mother, Maria McNaught. We live here in Merrimack, NH. And She is just an amazing woman, who has gone through a lot, and her books are amazing. So maybe sometime this month, if your library has any copies or if you can find it online, you all should definatley take a read. Two thumbs up from me!

-Happy Valentine's Day!


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