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Codename: Ms Clara English

what are your favourite kids' books?

lately I have been thinking that many children's books are vastly superior to adult books. of course, that may be my children's bookseller bias, but I have been really enjoying my children's reading.

so what are your favourite modern and classic kid lit books?

my top five classics:
#1. the professor branestawm books by norman hunter. funny, quirky and brilliant. I must have read them twenty times and I still love them.
#2. a little princess by frances hodgeson burnett. because every little girl needs to be a princess.
#3. where the wild things are by maurice sendak. my favourite illustrations in a kids' books ever.
#4. the just william books by richmal crompton. the dated language just adds to the charm.
#5. matilda by roald dahl. the heroine of bookish children everywhere.

my top five modern books:
#1. north child by edith pattou. based on the fairy tale 'east of the sun, west of the moon', this book had me hooked from the start. it is so beautifully written and I really got to love the characters.
#2. the cairo jim books by geoffrey mcskimming. these are so funny and self-aware. they're like a take-off of indiana jones, the writing is genius.
#3. I, coriander by sally gardner. this book is so beautiful and magical. it was not what I expected at all. it's a mixture of fairy tale and a contemporary search for self-identity.
#4. feeling sorry for celia by jaclyn moriarty. it is actually impossible to stop reading this once you've started. when you're reading it it's just funny and entertaining, but once you finish you realise how sad and wide-ranging it is.
#5. the fearless series by francine pascal. this is my total guilty pleasure. when I get a pile of these from the library (I refuse to pay actual money for them), nothing else gets an inch of my attention until I've read them. they're cheesy, predictable and OH SO GOOD.
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