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boycott of the code?

I just wanted ot know, since this is a literary based group, what your thoughts were on the film version (and book version) of the Da Vinci Code being protested, boycotted, and even burned.

I understand that everyone has there own views and although I feel like the people who are protesting the book are doing so because they don't know enough about it, I think that burning the book is going too far. It wreaks of Farenheit 451 and that freaks me out to no end. That has to stop.

The fact is the Dan Brown never claimed that his book was fact. He said it was based in fact (and it is: the places, organizations and basic biblical stories are real) but it is his own interpretation of theories and allegories he's heard over the years. The fact is that it is a novel in the fiction section of Barnes & Noble and Brown never claimed it shouldn't be. He never said it was a documentary or non-fiction or a memoir. He said it was a suspense novel, and quite a good suspense novel it is, too.

Making too much of it is just that: making too much of it. Personally, I can't wait for the movie because it's one of my favorite novels (I repeat: novel, not documentary).
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